About us

We are an independent fintech group. Smart Team includes the trading companies ST solutions and Equistream headquartered in Dubai along with technology units wherein the main task is to bring innovation to trading through the development of smart software solutions. We focus on maximizing the strength and acceleration of the teams of trading companies in the group.


Global partnership

We have built partnerships with tech and financial companies in the US, Ireland, UAE, Cayman Islands, Ukraine, and Cyprus. We process gigabytes of valuable and very fast data from market leaders every day: Smart Team is a large Bloomberg client which has had fifteen terminals since 2016; we have been cooperating with the giant ICE for more than ten years— we have more than 250 of their licences.

We interact directly with the largest providers of analytics, financial news, and exchange services in the industry. Our long-term partners include Takion Technologies with high end shares execution and research, TradeTheNews with sophisticated, specialized news headlines and a stock data provider, Sterling Trading Solutions with execution and research, and eSignal with industry standard chart visualization.


What we stand on

We have built a smart people-centred community. Our superpower is thinking people and solutions designed by their adept minds. Thus, our key goal is to provide our people with everything which is necessary and even more for the realization of their ideas.

Therefore, we have created an ecosystem focused on the comprehensive support of the ideas and talents of our smart people through business processes, technologies, educational, social, and cultural projects which allow them to develop professionally, live happily, and share their talent with the world.

From the personal level to the world’s well-being

The culture of our smart community is all about making a positive social impact. At the forefront is our concern for the physical, financial, career, social, and community well-being of the team and a wide range of social groups.

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