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Smart Team is an international fintech community focused on trading on global financial exchanges with its own funding and developing related technological and software solutions.


Enhanced by strategies and accelerated by technologies

Smart people, smart technologies, and significant investments in discovering highly effective trading strategies are the key pillars of the group’s success on the stock exchange for almost two decades.

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From the personal level to the world’s well-being

The culture of our smart community is all about making a positive social impact. At the forefront is our concern for the physical, financial, career, social, and community well-being of the team and a wide range of social groups.

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We empower smart people

The possibilities of a talented person reinforced by the resources of the company are endless.

We invest in seconds-saving technologies

This is how we win in the market where mere seconds decide everything.

We contribute to society

Members of our community engaged in socially responsible initiatives and projects.

We make fintech smarter and faster

This is what we do to achieve our own well-being that we in turn share with a broad range of social groups.

  • Trading

    • Trading on the US stock and options exchanges.
    • Trading only with own money, excluding private financing or attracting traders with their own funding.
    • Focus on a niche of the low-liquid time frames
  • Technologies

    • Focus on highly specialized technologies and software that reduce the minutes and seconds in the trading business processes.
    • Own media analytical platforms, technological portals with advanced analytics, performance evaluation systems, tools for testing hypotheses, generating strategies, and designed specifically for the needs of group traders.
  • Strategies

    • Significant investments in the development of highly effective strategies.
    • Agile set of more than 400 strategies allows holding diversified, market neutral portfolios.
    • Math proven models for a sector trading approach (semiconductors, machinery, finance etc.).
  • Smart social impact

    • Permanent investments in projects focused on improving the health care system
    • Systematic support of the educational, cultural, and economic development projects aimed at the development of certain regions of Ukraine
    • Systemic team volunteering as a core value

Smart people always come first

We have built a powerful community of smart people with over 350 team members. Data, technologies, and strategies always go after ideas, thoughts, and solutions because we believe that only a person in an environment of equals can readily create.

We are ahead of our time

We accelerate traders by developing the highly specialized technological and software solutions that provide an ultra-fast and win-win specialist response to a market event.

Significant investments in a strategies development

We have built a diversified, market neutral portfolio by investing in a set of high performing strategies and a team dedicated to working with them.

  • Community of smart
  • Smart technologies
  • Smart strategies

We will let our stats do the talking

is the daily stock turnover

Smart Team is a major sustainable player in the global market.

More than
300 people
collaborate with Smart Team

Smart Team is an international team of professionals.

We have been working
since 2005
on the world’s stock exchanges

The accumulated experience is transferred through training programmes and developed strategies.

We have developed
400+ strategies
which are used by our traders

These strategies are the intellectual capital of the group of the companies.

Up to
2000 executions
per second at the peak

The result of investments in seconds-saving technologies

We only need
400 milliseconds
to take a position.

Smart people driven by technologies are capable of anything.

Members of the smart community operating on the fintech market

Proud to be transparent and independent

We only trade with our own money. We only deal with listed US stock and ETFs. We never do business in FX. We do not collect any funds from individuals. We empower the most talented minds to use the opportunities the stock market provides.

I have pondered what makes our company successful for many years, over and over again. Technologies are important and strategies are important, but it’s also important to accumulate our experience and share it…
The answers have varied at the different stages of the company’s development. But the main response to this question is only—we are successful because of our people. Smart people always come first.
Mykola SushkoOwner

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